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ICT  Information and Communication Technologies, contribute to efficiency education management; the use of technologies teaching methods helps  students improve their learning so the results are quality education  
 Scopes of ICT are: accessibility, Empowerment, Learning, Enabling environment, learning and teaching methodologies, Life learning, all involve on facilitate teaching-learning process improve education, promote the innovation and culture, free space to interact with other through the forum uses, practices is the interactive way that make students learn in a meaningful way in which take relevance in learning process.  
ICT has a significant and positive impact on student achievement, especially in terms of "Knowledge" ,"Comprehension", "Practical skill"  and "Presentation skill; also ICT has negative aspects as the lack of knowledge due the lack of technological resources 
 Is really important that teachers should orient students about the correct use of this technological resources in the way that they understand the principal idea to getting knowledge and develop other skills inside
here we have deep list about Positive and Negatives aspects about the use of ICT:

Nowaday all negative aspects should be change in positives there is not limitation inside, Must be Global reforms in education that allow schools to have access to technologies , and students can be competent with the innovation that our society demand , I think the Goverment must administer the finances and  bring support to the education system;  in order to see the progress for the nation  in education,  all those barriers should be eliminated in order to see a future of competences people

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oscar cruz dijo...

It is true that ICT contributes with the improvement of education not only with EFL or ESL students but with students from any other area. We have seen how technology has been changing the way teachers perform their classes and how students have become more independent and confident, it is all about the interaction between students and technology and how they get the best they can of it in order to reach their goals..

Virginia Ramirez dijo...

As you say Nathaly the technology has become a tool in the Educational System cause, help students to improve their knowledge and becomes more interesting to lern because it is an interactive way to increase their knowledge in the other hand it can have a negative effect if the student use this tool in a negative way. But nowadays I can say that it is one of the most useful tool in the Educational System.

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